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Here's more links to "My 3 Feral Cats" if they aren't on the usual feed. Thanks!
Feed cam:
Patio cam:
Hummingbird / Bird Feeder & Backyard cam:

"My 3 Feral Cats" are three beautiful strays named Leo, Skittie and Squinty that came with the house we purchased in Eugene, OR. We can see that these cats love each other like a family so there was no choice but to care for them and let these precious animals continue to live here. They have become a part of our family. Even though we already have inside cats so we cannot let them in, it is obvious through everyday interaction that these 3 feel this is their home since they always remain close to their "catio". We hope you enjoy their daily activities as much as we do and advanced apologies if they aren't on the main feed because a true cat lover knows you can't train a cat, they train you. Please check out the other camera links located above if you can't find these lovely gingers on the main feed. Thank you, please "Like", "Share" and "Subscribe" for future videos.

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